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Sodium Benzotriazole (BTA-S)
50% Sodium Tolyltriazole
Acrylic Latex
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Product Name: Acrylic Latex
1. Characteristics
Acrylic modified concrete/mortar has excellent adhesion to masonry surfaces and steel bars excellent compression set resistant to water and salt resistant to cold impact

2. Performance improvement
Increases elongation of concrete by 200-300%, wet adhesion by 400% and tensile strength by 100%; reduces water absorption by 80%; improves resistance to chloride penetration by 8 times.

3. Mixing Guide
Cement:sand=0.7-2.5, water:cement=0.2-0.4, acrylic latex:cement=0.1-0.15 Mix cement and sand, add water and acrylic latex while stirring until a uniform slurry is achieved.

4. Application Concrete structure in civil engineering, masonry coating/adhesive.

5. Specification
Cream white emulsion
Total solid
Cohering limit
12±0.5 (#4 cup)

6. Packaging: 200kg/barrel or 2.5-25kg/pail.

7. Storage: It shall be kept in a cool dry place. (Storage stability: 5-40C, 3 months, no settling observed.)

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